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Discover the magnificent beauty of the region: Ha Giang – Cao bang – Bac Kan

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The magnificent painting of Ha Giang with a motorcycle tour

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Ha Giang – Sa Pa Tour

We can say that Mona Media and Sapa are two popular tourist destinations.

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With more than 3,260km of coastline, wonderful nature reserves, bustling cities, glorious historical monuments, unique and fascinating culture, and a long list of the world’s finest dishes, Vietnam has all of that.

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experiences you need to know before traveling Binh Ba

Introduction to the island Binh Ba Bing Ba is a small island, with an area of more than 3 km2, in Cam Binh County, Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province. 60 km from Nha Trang, 390 km from Ho Chi Minh City. If we want to get to Binh Ba, [...]

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Why you have to go to Taiwan once in your life?

Beautiful scenery: Taiwan is covered by the green of trees and tropical forests. Taipei’s capital is in the middle of the mountains, with Yang Mingshan National Park less than 12 kilometers away. The landscape of every part of the island is different, there are plenty of majestic mountains and fine [...]

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Nha Trang Tourism: The 10 Most Attractive Tourist Attractions

1. Vinpearl Land Located on Three Island with its green beaches all year round, Vinpearl Land is known as the tropical paradise. Apart from luxurious hotels, beautiful gardens, ideal freshwater pools, this place also attracts visitors with its sensual playground and magnificent 4D cinemas. Island tour tickets including cable tickets [...]

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Discover 6 beautiful deserts with Vietnamese youth’s check-in photos

The Mui Ne Hill: Spreading over much of the area of Bình Thu and growing in scale, Mui Ne is one of the largest sandy paradises in Vietnam. Because of the worn wind, blowing the thin sand above so the terrain here is constantly changing, rich over time. That’s why [...]

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Three churches have been painted pink all over the country.

The church is officially called the Thanh Tam Church. This is a Catholic church located on Hai Ba Dao Road (District 3, HCM). Built in 1870 and completed six years later, the church was built in Gothic architecture, but the details were in Roman and Baroque style. Despite many repairs, [...]

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Train Travel: Manual from A to Z

Tourist Director Vung Tau With its 20 km long coastline, Vung Tàu is one of the favorite destinations of Southern tourists, just three hours by car from Ho Chi Minh City. Loose from the mainland like a strip of land, from here, one can see the South Sea both at [...]

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