experiences you need to know before traveling Binh Ba

Introduction to the island Binh Ba

Bing Ba is a small island, with an area of more than 3 km2, in Cam Binh County, Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province. 60 km from Nha Trang, 390 km from Ho Chi Minh City. If we want to get to Binh Ba, we have to go to the harbour of Ba Ngoi. Ba Ngoi Port is 15 km from Cam Ranh Airport, and Ba Ngoi Port is also 15 km away.

Previously, Binh Ba was a military island, restricting people from outside to the island. Now, the rules have been relaxed, but they still prohibit foreigners. This is also why the island is now famous! Besides, if you don’t want to be expelled from the island early, you shouldn’t be curious about areas that are banned by the army or have disruptive, exaggerated actions.

Toàn cảnh đảo Bình Ba.

The whole landscape of Binh Ba. Image: lanbienxanh.vn.

Vì được quân đội quản lý khá kỹ, nên Bình Ba vẫn là một đảo tương đối hoang sơ, thiên nhiên vẫn còn giữ được nét mộc mạc, chưa bị con người tàn phá. Dạo gần đây, với lượng khách kéo về Bình Ba ngày càng nhiều, hạ tầng cơ sở chưa phát triển theo kịp với lượng khách đến, khiến môi trường ở đảo không còn trong trẻo như thuở nào.

Because the army is very well managed, Binh Ba remains a relatively deserted island, the nature still retains its landscape, not destroyed by man. Recently, with the increasing number of visitors to Pyongyang, the infrastructure has not developed to keep up with the arrivals, making the environment on the island no longer as cool as it used to be.

When is the best time to travel to Binh Ba?

You can travel to Binh Ba whenever you want, but ideally from March to September. Besides, you should also try to come to Binh Ba on a regular day, because on the holiday there are a lot of visitors coming here, making it difficult to enjoy all the beauty of the island. Besides, in order not to shock, you should spend more than two days on the island.